M.Sc. Marine Biology

2015-Present  |  Bremen University

A two year, research centered degree in Marine Biology. Courses cover the basic aspects of marine biology. I have further chosen practical courses on marine biogeochemistry, modeling, statistics and phytoplankton ecology.

Exchange Semester in Taipei

WS 2015  |  National Taiwan University

I spent the 5th semester of my bachelor degree at the NTU in Taipei, supported by the "Baden-Württemberg Stiftung". Apart from furthering my studies in Chinese, it was here that I was motivated to learn programming and gained practical experience in ecology and stable isotope experiments.

B.Sc. Biosciences

2012-2015  | University of Heidelberg

A three year bachelor degree in biological sciences, with a focus on biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology. A marine biological excursion the the Mediterranean island of Elba motivated me to pursue this field for further studies.

Practical XP

Data Analysis

2016|  Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Bremerhaven

Four months working as a HiWi for Dieter-Wolf Gladrow, analyzing nutrient data and translating statistical scripts in R.


Additional Skills

2015 |  Bioquant, Heidelberg

European Scientific Diver

2016  |  Helgoland, Germany / Kristineberg, Sweden

As of July 2016, I am an officially certified scientific diver, both by German regulations and the Swedish S30.  My first assignment will be working as a research diver for the AWI in Ny Alesund on Svalbard for the months of September and Oktober 2016.

Following Bachelor Thesis, I continued working as a research assistant for Prof. Kummer for two months  on the publication of  my thesis work. (Still in review)

Stable Isotope Ecology

2015 |  Academia Sinica, Taipei


During the exchange semester I worked with Prof. Shen on the migratory behavior of burying beetles , collecting samples in the field and performing measurements.

"Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there."

-Gary Snyder


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